More Twitter Poems

the bones of the day
rattle down the street
all night
and I am restless
until dawn

I share the woods
with everything
that runs away

the wind
curves around
her absence

edge of morning light
lost in gray wisps

the interesting life
I can’t remember

in darkness
we see the farthest

all the old heroes are dying
replaced by new legends
whose names
sound foreign
on my tongue

I push my worries
down a flight of stairs
shut the door
and write poetry

rituals of loneliness
the distance
between our words

ever more forceful
our words splinter
against each other–
I mind the sharp edges
as I sweep them up

all these thoughts
braid together
a ladder I climb

distant friends–
eyes and ears
for the places
I’ll never go

he wants to talk with
is already dead–
walking slow
through the cemetery

in this digital age
I am the king
of smoke signals

the creek shadowed
and frozen–
days nothing changes

leaves blown
down the road–
loneliness turned sideways
pushing away those
he wishes were closer

burning brush
a mouse flees
into the empty field

winter grave
the backhoe doesn’t care

as time
in the dark

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