Ebook versions of my last chapbook (Passages) are available in epub, pdf and txt formats. Others are so far just available as txt. $2.00 US.  Just use the links below and pay that amount, indicating what book and format you like. I used to be able to provide hard copies, but due to software issues only electronic copies are available at present.

If you click on the picture of the chapbook you want, it will send you to a PayPal page where you type in the appropriate amount.

CHAPBOOK TITLES (in order from oldest to newest):

“Forever Standing, Forever Burning”
“Learning to Bend”
“Bonded Linen Heart”
“The Brushing Wings of History”

Cover color may vary depending on cardstock availability.


6 thoughts on “Chapbooks

  1. i just received my copy of “Passages.” couldn’t even get out of the post office parking lot without reading several pages.

    less than the price of a movie ticket, much more satisfying.

    thanks Matt!

  2. Thanks for Passages. Some good stuff in here: particularly like Some Gentle Advice, Dignity, 13 June 24080 BC.

    Also, impressed to receive it in the UK within four days of ordering. You must have friends in the US Mail, Matt.

  3. my copy of Passages waited in the mail today (wow, that was quick!). definitely a collection worth reading and rereading.

    btw, you may not have intended it, but Literalist is an excellent senryu! 🙂

    thanks, Matt!

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