I Research Genealogy

I charge $275 to research both maternal and paternal lines, and $140 to research one or the other. You will receive a binder with charts, assorted documents, etc. If for some reason I fail to find anyone (hasn’t happened yet) I would charge $25 for having poked around a bit. Post a message if you are interested.

A limited listing of my direct ancestors’ surnames:

BERTRAM, 1829-1906, GER>Randolph Co., IL,USA
CESSNA (CISNEY), 1600s-1844, Normandy,FRA>IRE>Shippensburg,PA>BedfordCo.,PA>Guernsey Co.,OH,USA
CLARK, 1755-1833, Washington Co.,PA>VA>Jefferson Co.,OH,USA
COLLIGNON (COLLINEAU,COLENO), 1775-Present, Liepvre, Haut-Rhin,FRA>Randolph Co.,IL,USA
COSTELLO, ca 1780-?, IRL
CUTLER, 1600s, PA
DANIELS, ca1795-ca.1840,Columbiana Co.,OH,USA
DEANE, 1600s, Sowthwark, ENG>Plymouth Bay Colony, USA
DETERDING, 1790s-now, Hannover?,GER>Randolph Co.,IL,USA
DOANE, 1600s, Plymouth Bay Colony, USA
DONJON, 1826-now, near Lyon,FRA>Randolph Co.,IL,USA
DURRANT, 1600s, Plymouth Bay Colony, USA
EAGLE (L’Aigle), 1791-1884, Dept Doubs,FRA>Monroe Co.,IL,USA
FAHERTY, ca 1775-1931, IRE>Randolph Co.,IL,USA
GOULIERAT, 1750s-?, Bretagne,Terr. Belfort,FRA
HAGGERTY, 1740-1842, Jefferson Co.,OH,USA
HARRIS, 1700s,  MD>Bedford Co.,PA
HAYHURST, 1600s-1700s Yorkshire,ENG>Bucks Co.,PA,USA
HEATON, Yorkshire,ENG>Bucks Co., PA,USA
HENRY, 1775?-1850?, Liepvre,Haut-Rhin,FRA
HUGHES, 1770s-1819, IRE>Randolph Co.,IL,USA
JEANNIN/GENIN, 1650s-1869, Bretagne,Dept. Haut Saone,FRA>Monroe Co. IL,USA
MAURER, 1775?-1850?, Liepvre,Haut-Rhin,France
MCVICKER, 1750s-1915, NJ>Bedford Co.,PA>Guernsey Co.,PA>Whiteside Co.,IL>Monona Co.,IA,USA
MERRICKS, 1750s-1915, Pittsylvania Co., VA>Mercer Co.,OH>Whiteside Co.,IL>IA,USA
MURPHY, 1800?-1936, Co. Mayo,IRL>Woodstock,VT>Monroe Co.,IL,USA
PARROT(T) [dit Lievre], 1400-now, Dept. Doubs, FRA>Stark Co.,OH>Monroe/Randolph Co.,IL,USA
RANGILL, Plymouth Bay Colony,MA,USA
RING, 1580-1670, Ufford,Suffolk,ENG>Plymouth,MA,USA
ROACH, 1751-now, Co. Cork,IRL>Washington Co.,PA>VA>Jefferson Co,Carroll Co.,OH>
Decatur Co.,IN>Jackson Co.,IA>IA/KS/NE,USA
ROBERTS, 1718?-1832, Jefferson Co., OH,USA
ROSE, 1700s, Bedford Co., PA
ROUCHE, 1769-1810, Brebotte,FRA
RUDD, 1550?-1600s, Wales>Yorkshire, ENG
RYAN, 1824-now, Clogheen, Co. Tipperary, IRL>Monroe Co.,IL>MO/IL,USA
SAXTON, 1730s-?, Bucks Co.,PA,USA
SIEVERT, 1790s-?, GER>Randolph Co.,IL,USA
SMITH, 1760s-1844, Henry/Pittsylvania Co.,VA>Mercer Co.,OH,USA
STACKHOUSE, 1661/7-1854 Yorkshire,ENG>Bucks Co., PA>Columbiana Co.,OH>
Carroll Co.,OH>Decatur Co.,IN,USA
STONE, 1600s London,ENG
SULLIVAN, 1770s-?, IRL
TWINING, 1600s, ENG>Plymouth Bay,MA,USA
VALLAT, 1678?-now, Recouvrance & Brebotte,Terr. Belfort,FRA>Stark Co.,OH>Monroe Co.,IL,USA
WALSH, 1798-now, Co. Waterford,IRL>Monroe Co, IL,USA
WORLEY, ca 1610-ca 1780, London,ENG>Chester Co.,PA>Bedford Co., PA, USA
YOUNG, 1600s, London,ENG

If you think you’re related, post a comment!


2 thoughts on “Genealogy

  1. Hey Matt, Long time. Still loving your poetry. My mother’s family name is Young. (Also my middle name.) I bet we’re related!! 😀 I need a new chapbook, btw. Best!

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