Four poems in one post

My tongue creased
by a paper arrow,
I lick
the envelope flap.

The iron taste of blood
seals my words.

I saw the turn
of her ankle
and made any excuse
to say hello.
Now we sign
the document,
the happiest
we’ve ever been
to sign away our lives.

I spin the globe
upon my desk
and land a finger
on Kathmandu.

Beneath distant mountains
the buzz of humanity,
a foreign tongue,
tiered and domed pagodas,
curious spices, the sprawl
of a city so vast.

I fall headlong in their midst
No one notices
another Western tourist.

Dusting myself off
I begin a new life.

A gray business suit,
he sits
at a translucent desk.
a top and four legs.

He spreads papers
to hide behind.
He thinks of fig leaves,
then the apple.

Always hiding
even when fully clothed.