A Cavalcade of Twitter Poems

I wake well before dawn
carry a white resin chair
out to the field road,
sit and watch the darkness
float away

I am a distillery of words,
my twisted frame
drunk on their sound,
waiting for the flood
to course through me again.

Grain of sand
on fire

a low thrum
in the brain
to thwart memories.

One brief, shining moment
then the neighborhood went dark.
I nervously return the wiring to Home Depot.

Making a name for myself
no one else
can pronounce.

when you’re not in
for the long rhyme.

The stars
carry answers to questions
no one remembers the asking.

The sidewalk:
where worms
go to die.

A break in the clouds
one brief flash

To sleep, perchance
to hear
a bird screaming in the tree outside my window all damned night.

she burns
to be wanted,
for me

narcissist who’s nothing
but an ass

meteor shower
of kisses
a sizzle that doesn’t last

beggar stands in line
at the fast food place
runs out the door
when he’s got enough
for beer

teen face
a blister pak
of acne

burning bridges
on the last one
he stands in the middle

he found his salvation
in broken shards

hunger led him
to golden arches
and then disdain

he swam
from one dive to the next.


Some more twitter poems

Bar coded
anonymous souls
bright red sticker
in the discount bin.

Warm sun
breaks the pond’s

Put off everything
until the day after
you’re dead.

I peeled the onion
till there was nothing left.

Japanese officials
whistle in the dark.

Moving slow
between thoughts
I rest.

from fishing net.

He walked miles
between memories
the rest
a muddy

window sill
flush with foliage
broad leaved

The pond: a blue bruise between two mountains.

black circle
world drawn
in silhouette

I gather mountains
grown smooth
small and round.

A seven course meal
of nightmares
no more appetite
for news.

Facts hidden
behind a battlement
of words.

Hell: eternity between a coffee grinder and an espresso machine.

He picks up
glinting shards
of the day.

Morbid fascination
inversely proportionate
to involvement.

Some Twitter Poems

Trilling high
coyote howl.
Starlight trembles.

animals who hunt in packs
we don’t like competition.

follows the chisel’s path
on highboy medallion.

Rain froze
on wooden steps
for the top heavy

My father a carpenter
I’m ever nostalgic
for unfinished rooms.

Wood shavings
and sawdust
further art
by getting
out of the way.

I step over
the chalk outline
of yesterday.

No flamethrowers for rent
at the Home Center.
The apartment stays dirty.

I scrape burnt toast
until a square hollow,
nothing to salvage.

Skyscrapers stand impassive.
All the emotion
swarms their feet.

Wood grain
better to finish
than drink.

He clings to
concrete prose,
incapable of butterflies.

Trees sway
to the shattering jolt
of miles away.

to the slender center
of peace
as mountains

I listened
to rain
fall soft upon the earth
how sun could ever return.

only trace the outlines
of your sorrow.

Twisted steel
a monument
to absence.

Griefs repeat
yet always strike
with a fresh blade.

Peeling raindrops.
Pour out
the dust inside.

Old woman.
Small scar on her ankle
from mumblety-peg.

New Twitter Poems

All poems by me, just to clarify….
I invested
in the stories
of old men
and found myself
lost comrades
far too soon.
Wrap cold sorrows
in music.
Dance past death.
Devils flash their teeth
while gnawing
angel wings.
Snow melt:
grateful tears
for spring.
Brittle memories
leave crumbs
on the floor
when eaten
by time.
Finger traces
quilt stitch
in the dark.
Empty days
tossed over my shoulder
in nonchalance
now pried loose
from fearful grip
Puffed rice cake
Styrofoam squeak
on teeth.
White porcelain doorknob
on weathered shed
opens upon dust.
Burnt onion clings
to flour, salt and pepper:
Mom’s fried chicken.
Stabbed by a shadow
but I kept walking.
I chew hearts
for half price
the day after
Valentine’s Day.
Full moon
dusted clean
by swaying limbs.